Building a Custom of Prayer in Our Home and Hearts of Our Children

I sent a text to a good friend of mine, jokingly suggesting how great it would be to be able to download all of our mom wisdom straight into our children’s brains to make sure they have all the necessary knowledge before they leave our home one day. 

I can put a lot of pressure on myself thinking I have to shove my own 40 years’ worth of life experiences into just 18 years of my children’s lives.  The pressure to create “teachable” moments with my children leads to many “preaching” conversations as I try to make sure I don’t leave anything out. I really want to drill it into their minds and hearts what I think they need to know.

Truth, I am sure the constant talking does the opposite and turns their minds off and hearts away.

Because God is good, He led me to have one of those aha moments while reading Luke 22:39,

“And He came out and proceeded as was His custom to the Mount of Olives;

and the disciples also followed Him.”

There were two key words that caught my heart as I read this verse; custom and followed. The Greek word for custom is ethos meaning behavior based on tradition.  I love that Jesus’ behavior of going to pray on the Mount Olives showed those around Him that he had a tradition of praying. Jesus was known for going to God to speak with him, to rest with him, and draw strength from time with him. Not only did his His tradition also led Jesus but it also led the disciples to follow him.

This made me start to think about what customs I am leaving behind. What behavior of mine is leading my children to follow me?

Most importantly, are my customs showing my kids I turn to Jesus and pray?

I know, these questions stepped on my toes a bit too.

Are you ready for the truth? Our actions make more of an impression and imprint into the hearts of our children than an overabundance of our words could do.

Both prayer and action make a powerful team for our children to witness day in and day out.

So friends, may the tradition we leave behind for our kids be that of a praying mom desperate for Jesus.

Lord, we are so thankful for the gift of prayer. May we never take for granted the beautiful way you have given us to communicate with you and connect. Help me to be wise with my time, energy, and focus so I create a custom in my home of going to you in prayer. May my children follow the custom of prayer and turn to you always. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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