Five Ways to Strengthen Your Prayer Time in the Busy and Overwhelming Seasons of Motherhood

Praying in the Busy and Overwhelming Seasons of Motherhood

“Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.” Jeremiah 29:12

Hi, I am Amber and I am an easily overwhelmed mom.  Throw a busy schedule on top of it all, I can become distracted and unfocused when it comes to praying.

It doesn’t take much for me to get sidetracked with my list of to-dos for the day, right smack dab in the middle of talking with God.  

My mind usually has 50 tabs opened up at once-like my computer- and I just can’t find the right words to pray. Or I rush through the prayer by saying a few words so I can quickly try to move on to the next thing on my list.

I have even found myself going days without one tiny prayer being said.

My heart craves prayer and a deeper connection with the Lord but with the overwhelming life this world brings me, it’s easy to become disconnected. I am too effortlessly pulled away from Him. Right where the enemy wants me, away from my Source when I need Him the most.

Have you been there too, friend?

You and I both know; prayer is such an important part of our relationship with God and staying connected with Him.

So, what is a mom to do when certain seasons in our lives make it challenging to spend time praying to God?

Brain Dump

To help with my focus and to try to avoid getting distracted, I do a brain dump in my journal by writing everything I have to do for the day and whatever is wandering around my mind. I get it all out!

Write Out Prayers

In the same journal I do my brain dump in, I write out the prayers on my heart. Since I am handwriting each word, I am able to slow down and focus on what I am praying to God. Not only does it help to keep me grounded but I also feel a deeper connection with Him. I will often pray back what I wrote down when I am done. This practice also creates beautiful stones of remembrance (Joshua 4:19-24) as you look back in your notebook to see how God answered your prayers. Writing out your prayers can also feel like you are writing a letter to the Lord.

Breath Prayers

Breath prayers are my favorite way to connect with God in the middle of motherhood craze! Breathing in and out the Word of God or a faith-filled phrase, brings God right to my heart and stables me in Him no matter what is going on. They are simple and can be done throughout the day, no matter where you are, or what is going on around you. Want to try? Take one of your favorite verses and turn it into a breath prayer! For example, my favorite breath prayer is from Mark 4:39, is to breathe in “peace” and breathe out “be still.” I prefer to say the words in my head as I slowly breathe in and out but if you prefer to say them out loud, that is okay too! The slow, deep breaths will help center you and put your focus back on God. Some days, my breath prayer is one word, Jesus. Breathe in “Je” and out “sus.” If you are interested in more breath prayers, sign up on my blog for my Quick Notes for the Heart Devotions. Each month I send out a new devotion with a new breath prayer.

Collect Prayers

When our minds are busy, hurting, or dealing with a lot of input, sometimes it can be challenging to find the right words to pray. Or maybe we want to pray but don’t know what to say. That is okay! Luckily in today’s age of the internet, there are ministries who provide beautiful prayer resources to help you be intentional with your prayer life. When I come across a prayer that speaks to my heart or is about something I need to be praying on, I write it down and save it for those times when I am having trouble coming up with words to say or focusing. I know God knows what is on my heart but there is something about saying the words out loud to Him that brings peace and draws me nearer to Him. One of my favorite ministries to go to for prayer resources is Million Praying Moms. They have wonderful email series, prayer journals, prayer mentors, podcasts, books, and more! Brooke McGlothlin, Co-founder of Million Praying Moms, just published an amazing book, The Praying Mom to help empower moms on how to pray the Word over your children and what to pray.

Involve God in Your Prayer Life

I saved the best for last. I think for myself, I leave God out of the equation that He needs to be involved in. Going to God and being real with Him about your prayer life is important! A simple prayer like, “God, please help me to go to you in prayer. I need you to shine light on how to make prayer an important part of my life.” When we partner with God in the areas of our lives where we need more of Him, He will show up and do a good work in us. (Philippians 1:6)

Why do we need to care so much about praying? Prayer moves us closer to God and blossoms our faith in a beautiful way!  Prayer gets us through the hard times and allows us to partner with God as we trust Him to work in our situations. While I know it is easy to push prayer to the side during those busy and overwhelming seasons of motherhood, we have to dig our heels in and not let it derail us from our praying post.

Praying these suggestions help you to build a bridge for your prayer life closer to God, away from the clutches of the enemy!  A praying mom is a powerful weapon!  

What is one step you can take today to help you with your prayer life?

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